Troxerutin is a flavanoid obtained by extraction from the vegetable raw material, scphora japonica. It is vital in its ability to increase the strength of the capillaries and to regulate their permeability. It assists Vitamin C in keeping collagen in healthy condition. Rutin is essential for the proper absorption and use of Vitamin C and prevents Vitamin C from being destroyed in the body by oxidation. Rutin is beneficial in hypertension. Rutin helps hemorrhages and ruptures in the capillaries and connective tissues and builds a protective barrier against infections.

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Basic Information:

Product Name: Troxerutin
Active Ingredien: Rutin
Specificatio: 95%; 98%
Appearance: Yellow powder
Storage: Cool and dry place
Usage: Food grade / Cosmetics grade
Delivery Detail: Immediately


1.Troxerutin can enhance the absorption of Vitamin C;

2.Troxerutin can help relieve pain, bumps, and bruises, has antibacterial effect;

3.Troxerutin can increase the resistance of the blood vessels regulate their permeability;

4.Troxerutin can promotes circulation, stimulates bile production, helps lower blood cholesterol, and prevents cataracts.


1.Pharmaceutical material

2.Nutraceutical ingredients

3.Health products


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