Pterostilbene has increased bioavailability compared to resveratrol and another stilbene due to the presence of two methoxy groups, which cause it to exhibit increased lipophilic and oral absorption. In animal studies, pterostilbene was shown to have 80% bioavailability compared to 20% for resveratrol, suggesting that it is a superior choice in direct comparison.

pterostilbene 4

Basic Information:

Product name:  Pterostilbene
Specification: Pterostilbene 99%
Part of Used: Fruit
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: off-white powder


1.Pterostilbene will prevent cardiovascular diseases;

2.Pterostilbene can quench free radical, antioxidant, and anti-aging;

3.Pterostilbene has a treatment for mild inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat;

4.Pterostilbene with a treatment for diarrhea, enteritis, urethritis, cystitis, and virosis rheum epidemic, with its antiphlogistic and bactericidal action;

5.Pterostilbene used to protect and regenerate retinal purple (rhodopsin), and cure patients with eye diseases such as pigmentosa, retinitis, glaucoma, and myopia, etc.


1. Protect eyesight and prevent blindness, glaucoma, improve myopia.

2. Scavenge free radical activity, prevent atherosclerosis.

3. Soften blood vessels, enhance immune function.

4. Prevent brain from aging; anti-cancer.


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