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Mango Fruit Powder

Mango juice powder is made from natural mango fruit. The manufacturing process includes crushing and juicing fresh fruit, concentrating the juice, adding maltodextrin into the juice, then spray drying with hot gas, collecting dried powder, and sieving the powder through 80 mesh.

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Basic Information:

Product Name: Mango Juice Powder
Soure: Mango Fruit
Appearance: Yellow powder
Particle Size: 80 Mesh
Water-solubility: n Soluble in water


1. Promote weight loss by suppressing appetite;

2. Has absolutely no side-effect and it’s medically proven;

3. Builds stamina, lowers cholesterol, blood sugar level, burns fat rapidly & consistently;

4. Needs no added sacrifice i.e diet control or hectic workout schedules;

5. Reenergizes a person and makes him/her much more active and agile than before;

6. Can also be used as a diet supplement for meeting one’s nutritional requirements.


1. Applied in food products;

2. Applied in Beverage products;

3. Applied in healthy products.


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