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Kiwi Fruit Powder

Kiwi fruit is a rich source of vitamin C, 1.5 times the DRI scale in the USA per 100 grams. Its potassium content by weight is slightly less than that of a banana. It also contains vitamin E and a small amount of vitamin A. The skin is a good source of flavonoid antioxidants. The kiwifruit seed oil contains on average 62% alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. Kiwi fruits are rich in many Vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals. In particular, they contain a high amount of Vitamin C (more than oranges), as much potassium as bananas.

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Basic Information:

English Name: kiwi fruit powder
Botanical Name: Actinidia chinensis.
Part Used: Fruit
Appearance: Light green fine powder
Solubility: Soluble in water
Place of Origin: China


(1). Kiwi fruit contains rich vitamin and minerals, amino acids, it has high nutritional value;

(2). Tartish in kiwi fruit can promote gastrointestinal wriggle and reduce flatulence, and has the function of improving sleeping;

(3). Kiwi fruit can prevent senile osteoporosis and inhibit the deposition of cholesterol in the artery wall, which control arteriosclerosis;

(4). Kiwi fruit can prevent senile plaque formation and delay human senescence.


(1). Fruit powder can be used as raw material to add in wine, fruit juice, bread, cake, cookies, candy, and other foods;

(2). Fruit powder can be used as food additives, not only improve the color, fragrance, and taste but improve the nutritional value of food.


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