Kelp Extract

Laminaria japonica is a large marine brown alga grown in low-temperature seawater and is an edible seaweed. The kelp vesicle algae boundary, not equal to the flagellar, brown algae, kelp branch. The sporophyte is large, brown, and flat, up to 20m long. The blade, the handle, and the fixer are separated, and the fixer has a pseudo-root shape. The leaves are composed of epidermis, cortex, and pith tissue, and the lower part of the leaves has sporangia. It has a mucous cavity that can secrete slippery substances. Fixator tree branch for attaching to seabed rocks and growing in seas with low water temperatures.

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Basic Information:

Product Name: Kelp Extract Powder
Latin Name: Laminaria japonica Aresch.
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Appearance: Brown powder
Used Part: Leaf & Root
Active ingredients: Polysaccharides
Test Method: UV HPLC
Specification: 10:1
Storage: Store in cool & dry place, keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.
Packing: Cardboard drum (25kg/drum), 1kg aluminum foil vacuum bag / 25kg drum


(1). With a similar polysaccharide structure to heparin, fucoidan has good anticoagulant activity;

(2). It has an inhibiting effect on the replication of several coated virus, such as human immunodeficiency and human cytomegalic-vims;

(3). In addition to inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it can also restrain the diffuse of tumor cells by enhancing immunity;

(4). It can obviously reduce the content of serum cholesterol and triglyceride. Besides, it has no such liver and kidney damage, or other side effects;

(5). It has the function of antidiabetics, radiation protection, antioxidant, the inhibition of heavy metal absorption fluctuate, and the restraint of mammals zona-binding combined.


1. Used in Pharmaceutical raw material

2. Healthcare product

3. Beverage & Drink


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