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Gynostemma Pentaphylla Extract

Gynostemma pentaphyllum, also called jiaogulan, is a dioecious, herbaceous climbing vine of the family Cucurbitaceae (cucumber or gourd family) indigenous to the southern reaches of China, northern Vietnam, southern Korea, and Japan. Jiaogulan is best known as an herbal medicine reputed to have powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic effects purported to increase longevity. Pharmacological research has indicated a number of therapeutic qualities of Jiaogulan, such as lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure and strengthening immunity.

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Basic Information:

Product Name: Gynostemma Pentaphylla extract
Specification: 20%; 80%; 98% Gypenosides
Test Method: HPLC
Appearance: Brown Yellow to White powder
CAS NO: 15588-68-8
Storage: In cool, dry, and clean
Shelf life: 2 years
Free Sample: Available


1.Gynostemma extract gypenoside powder can enhance human immunity;

2.Gynostemma extract gypenoside powder used to enhance heart muscle contractility and heart pumping function;

3.Gynostemma extract gypenoside powder with the function of lowering blood pressure, blood fat, blood sugar, and regulating cholesterol;

4.Gynostemma extract gypenoside powder with the function of anti-inflammatory detoxification and anti-cough suppressant & expectorant.


1.Applied in the food field, a series of gynostemma tea and drinks are coming on the market;

2.Applied in the health product field, primarily as a lipid material, to adjust blood pressure and strengthen the immune system;

3.Applied in cosmetics field, improving scalp microcirculation, with the function of protecting hair


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