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Cherry Fruit Powder

Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus), also known as Sour Cherry or Dwarf Cherry. Tart Cherry is rich in antioxidants and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Tart Cherry may also promote healthy brain function, support the heart, aid healthy sleep, support immune function, and promote healthy eyes.

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Basic Information:

Product name: Acerola Cherry Powder
Botanical Origin: Fruit
Country of Origin: China
Appearance: Pink Powder
Solvent Extraction: Water


1. Prevent Cardiovascular disease;

2. Promote the growth of collagen and skin elasticity;

3. Promote the growth of teeth and bone, prevent bleeding gums;

4. Promote absorption of iron and calcium;

5. Anti-oxidation, detoxify and reduce the damage of smoking and drinking;

6. Improve the body’s immunity.


1. Application in cosmetics.

2. Applied in pharmaceuticals.

3. Applied in food supplement.

4. Applied in the beverage.


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