Biotin, also known as vitamin H and coenzyme R, is a water-soluble vitamin and also belongs to the vitamin B family, B7. It is a necessary substance for the synthesis of vitamin C and an indispensable substance for the normal metabolism of fat and protein. Insen Biotin powder is a necessary nutrient to maintain the human body’s natural growth, development, and normal human function and health.

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Basic Information:

Product Name: Wholesale Biotin Hair Growth
CAS No: 58-85-5
Specification: 1%, 2% and 98%
Color: White crystalline powder


1)Biotin(Vitamin H) is the essential Nutrient of the retina, the Biotin deficiency could cause Dry eyes, keratinization, inflammation, even blindness.

2)Biotin(Vitamin H) can improve the body’s immune response and resistance.

3)Biotin(Vitamin H) can maintain normal growth and development.

4) To help fat, glycogen and the synthesis and metabolism of amino acids in the human body are normal.

5) To promote sweat glands, nerve tissue, bone marrow, the male gonads, the skin and hair of normal operation and the growth, relieve eczema, dermatitis symptoms.


1)Vitamin B7 (D-biotin) is the essential Nutrient of the retina, the Biotin deficiency could cause dry eyes, keratinization, inflammation, even blindness.

2) Vitamin B7 D-biotin) deficiency will cause reproductive functions recession, bad bone growth, and the obstruction of the embryo and early childhood growth.

3)Vitamin B7 (D-biotin) is used in skincare and hair care products with the function of skin whitening and nails smooth, and it has the effect of hair care and hair growth.


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