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Barley Grass Powder

Barley Grass Powder is made from the top quality leaf of the barley plant, growing in China mainland. We produce the Barley Grass Powder by grinding dehydrated whole barley leaf to a finely fine powder that best preserves its active enzymes and rich nutrient profile.

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Basic Information:

Product name: Barley Grass powder
Appearance: green powder
Part: used leaf
Specification: 20:1 10:1 5:1
Partical size: 100 mesh, 200mesh, 500mesh


1. It may act as an immune-system stimulant.

2. It may help in blood purification and may boost blood circulation.

3. It is considered to be an anti-oxidant.

4. It may act as an Energy Booster.

5. It may aid in skin & hair nourishment.

6. Supports healthy urinary tract.

7. May help maintaining a healthy weight.


1. Applied in pharmaceutical field;

2. It is widely applied in the health care products field;

3. It is widely applied in the food field.


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